IRS Collection Defense

Need help with your tax debt?

Allow the Lamarre Law Group, P.A. to help you navigate through the complicated process to get you to the best option to settle out your debt. Whether that means getting into a payment arrangement or an offer in compromise to settle with the IRS, you can rely on accurate and knowledgeable advice that fits your situation.

​Installment Agreements: If you can't pay your back taxes in total but could pay them back over time, we can negotiate a monthly payment plan that accounts for your unique financial situation. The IRS allows taxpayers to negotiate repayment terms on what they owe them. At the Lamarre Law Group, we specialize in tax debt relief solutions such as installment agreements. We can help you settle your back-tax bill for a payment you can afford.

Currently Not Collectible: Have you hit hard times? Do you not have enough pay for the essential items, and you still owe the IRS? There is a way to stop IRS from chasing after your debt based on your unique financial situation. At Lamarre Law Group, we specialize in tax debt resolutions.